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DollSociety NFT Collection


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Total Supply: 2000

Currently listed on:

Value of NFTs will increase as the volume of in-game transactions grows.

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Check rarity of your doll at "How rare Is".

How Rare is Your Doll?

Attributes & Traits Rarity

Each Doll is unique with a variety of traits.

These traits have been categorized in the system below.

Traits are ranked from 'Common' all the way to 'Extraordinary'.

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After the release of the next generation, you will be able to breed male and female Dolls belonging to the same Court to receive a new, ultimate offspring with unique traits.

Offsprings will have the ability to generate revenue as well.

New Generation will feature 3D male dolls essential for breeding with First Generation Female Dolls.

To avoid hyperinflation Dolls can only reproduce once.

Second Generation

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