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Welcome to DollSociety

DollSociety is a unique Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming project

on the Solana Blockchain with no analogues on the market.

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Clash of Dolls NFT Game

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Game Launch: Q1 2022

Clash of Dolls NFT Game is a casino style card game featuring traditional 52 card decks with a DollSociety spin. Decks will consist of numbers 1 through 10, face cards will be replaced with unique background cards.

Additional revenue will be generated based on the volume of matching background cards dealt. The more the specific background cards are dealt the more SOL goes into the Court Wallet.

NFT Doll holders can then redeem the amount their court has generated.

In Clash of Dolls NFT Game players will have an option to "hit" or "stay" based on the number cards they are dealt. The game's algorithm will ensure near even odds to players on a 1vs.1 basis. When playing against your opponent you can either double the wager amount, lose the wager amount, or break even. Each hand will also offer side bets.

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Here you can watch the full gameplay.

NFT Game Tournament

Prize up to 100 SOL

No SOL to enter

Learn how to play the game

Exclusive for NFT Doll holders ONLY

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Chainlink Partnership


DollSociety is exceedingly happy to announce our upcoming integration of Chainlink Price Feeds in both the Doll Society DAO Dashboard and the actual Play-to Earn NFT gaming ecosystem.

By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, Doll Society will have access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to help ensure accurate conversion rates are displayed when interacting with our immersive gaming ecosystem.

All of this will just be the start of what we hope to be a long and fruitful experience using Chainlink oracle solutions on Solana!

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Yield per NFT Held

NFT Doll holders will collect revenue at the time of distributions based on the Court their NFT belongs to.

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to read our formulaic proof.

Owning NFT Dolls is being a shareholder of the Doll Universe.
Your NFT Doll will generate income establishing an intrinsic value independent of supply and demand.

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DAO Society


In order to ensure our members are able to yield income from the Dolls they hold, we formed a DAO. This will allow our community members to have flexibility and autonomy in regard to how their NFTs interact with the DollSociety gaming ecosystem.

Our goal with DAO Society is to enable reward yielding via a multitude of avenues including our upcoming gaming ecosystem. Incentivizing long term ownership of our NFTs is one of our key ideologies.

We are partnering with Digital Extract to implement reward yielding for DAO Society members who lock up their Dolls in our DAO Ecosystem this early.


Join our Discord’s NFT verification system. You can begin DAO processes while waiting

for the full site to be completed. Be sure to get your DAO Society role ASAP so you can participate!


Game Demo


Live AMA with @ClashBarndo

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